Safety copy
When the 'safety copy' option is enabled, TreePad first makes a copy of the existing database-file before performing the actual file-save.
To enable the 'safety copy' option:
(1) open the TreePad options screen using Menu: View⁄Options.
(2) then in the left-hand pane of the options screen, select the category: Backups.
(3) in the right-hand pane enable the option: "Before saving, create a safety copy of the TreePad database file".
Now each time before a file save is performed, TreePad copies the existing database file to a new file ending in '_copy001.tpd' or '_copy002.tpd' or '_copy003.tpd', etc. The copy is put into the same directory as the original database file.
With the option 'Maximum number of safety copies before the oldest files start being overwritten', you can specify how many copies will be made, before the first safety copy is overwritten.
For example, if your database file is 'mydatabase.tpd', and when you specify '3' for this option, TreePad will make the following files:
mydatabase_copy001.tpd (after the first save)
mydatabase_copy002.tpd (after the second save)
mydatabase_copy003.tpd (after the third save)
After the fourth save, the file mydatabase_copy001.tpd will be overwritten.
After the fifth save, the file mydatabase_copy002.tpd will be overwritten.
Enabling this option gives an extra measure of security.

Note 1
You should probably not use this option if you have a large file (> 50 Mb) containing many images, unless you are willing to tolerate a substantial delay each time you perform a file-save.
Note 2
For TreePad .hjt files the database will be copied to _copy001.hjt, _copy002.hjt, _copy003.hjt, etc. The corresponding .tpz file (containing the images, if it exists) will be copied to _copy001.tpz, _copy002.tpz, _copy003.tpz, etc.
See also: Backup to a numbered file
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