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Searching for checked node icons
Q. How can I display a list of only those nodes in my tree that have checkmarks against them?
A. If you are using TreePad Business Edition and if every article in your tree is guaranteed to contain at least one space, you can do a Tree search with space entered in the Search for text: field (which in this case would find all nodes in the tree), and in search options limit the search to checked nodes only.
Tree searching omits some nodes
Q. Tree search seems to have left out some nodes I expected to see displayed What could have caused this?
A. Possible causes include searching just the subtree instead of the whole tree, and in large trees forgetting to increase the number of results permitted above the maximum (which by default is 200).
Displaying all nodes whose titles commence with the same letter
Q. How can I display in Search results all nodes whose titles commence with the same letter?
A. If your tree has been sorted alphabetically, you can use Tree search to display nodes alphabetically too. E.g., to view all nodes whose titles start with C, enter C in the Search for text: field and untick What to search ⁄ Articles. Although this will not exclude nodes that contain the letter C elsewhere in their titles, this method is still a convenient alternative as it avoids scrolling the Tree pane.
Wildcards in Tree search
Q. Will Tree search accept wildcards?
A. TreePad Business Edition allows wild-cards in its regular-expression tree-search screen. Article search also accepts wildcards.
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