Importing a CSV file
(CSV stands for Comma Separated Value and is a common format for exchanging databases between different programs. The name means that the data fields (values) in such a file are separated by commas.)
To import a CSV file
Comma separated files (CSV files) can be used to import data from spreadsheet and database programs. TreePad will import only the first two fields of any record in the CSV file. The first field will appear as a node title, the second field as the corresponding article content. The CSV data will be imported into the currently selected node as a subtree. The root of this subtree is named after the imported file.
CSV options
Most spreadsheet and database programs have options to export to CSV files. Since there may be minor differences in CSV format between applications, TreePad enables you to adjust your import settings. To do this, click Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options (or press Shift+Alt+O) and select Import CSV.
Field separator:
Specifies which character is used for separating data fields in the input file.
Choices: comma, semicolon, tab.
Text qualifier:
Specifies which character is used to indicate the beginning and end of a record field in the input file.
Choices: double quotes (" "), single quotes (' '), none.
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