Forms hints and tips
Two or more template nodes
If you find it an advantage to use more than one form template within a subtree, consider avoiding using templates embedded within the subtree and instead call them all up from template files stored in \templates.
Narrowing tree searches to specific fields
Although TreePad does not discriminate between fields in a form, you can add specific symbol or character strings to each record which will make searching easier. For example, if we consider this person:
John Smith
12 View St
You might decide to specify $N to represent a name code and $S to represent a suburb code. Then by abbreviating the name to the first 4 letters of the surname plus the initial of the first name, and the suburb to its first three letters, you would end up with $NSMITJ and $SMYT. These could be typed into the Remarks: field.  Then, searching for $NSMITJ would find all the people named Smith, and $SSMI would find all the people in Smithville. It would help if you narrowed the search to the subtree containing your address file. Not a perfect solution, but more helpful than not using any codes at all!
Creating a set of blank numbered forms
TreePad Business Edition only
If you wish to create a set of (say, 50) blank numbered forms, use the Insert special dialog to insert 50 forms (enter 50 in "No. of nodes to be inserted"), then convert their titles to numbers (see Converting existing nodes to numbered nodes).
Narrowing tree searches to specific templates
Similarly, you could tag a certain template with a unique character string so that Tree searches are limited to the forms generated by it.
Subtractive templates can speed your work
If needing to use several (standard article) templates that only differ slightly, you may find it quicker than spending time choosing the right one to combine several templates into one, insert it in when you need one of these templates, then delete redundant information until the template has the format required. See Subtractive template example.
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