History pane
In addition to the  Goto previous node and Goto next node toolbuttons on the Navigate toolbar which only allow you to traverse the node history list sequentially, TreePad also provides a History pane to allow you to view a list of the nodes you most recently selected and jump to any of them. The list holds a maximum of fifty nodes.
To open the History pane
To close the History pane
The History pane uses the Accessory pane, so can be adjusted in height by dragging the horizontal divider between it and the Article pane up or down. The topmost node is always the current node, and the bottom node is always the Root node, unless the list has been cleared.
By default, when you open a TreePad file, the focus is on its Root node, so opening the History pane shows the Root node as the only entry. If you have Saving the tree state enabled, TreePad still opens the file at its Root node, then jumps to the last node you selected before you closed the file, so the History list shows two entries, the Root node at the bottom and the current node above it.
To clear the History list
(TreePad Business Edition only)
Click Main menu ⁄ Navigate ⁄ Clear history.
If you clear the History list, all entries will be removed except for the current node. This may make it easier for you to keep track of your progress. The History list is automatically cleared when the file is closed.
To change the node selected on the History list
If you have set hyperlinks to be activated by double-clicking in hyperlink options (this is the default), single-clicking a node in the History list will highlight that node, and double-clicking or pressing Enter it will make it the current node.
If you have set hyperlinks to be activated by single-clicking, single-clicking a node in the History list will make it the current node, so you cannot use single-clicking to select a a node without activating it. Right-click it instead.
Saving the History list as hyperlinks
(TreePad Business Edition only)
To insert a list of hyperlinks to the nodes on the History list at the current Article cursor position
Note: The History pane does not have to be visible. See also Insert menu.
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