This feature is unique to TreePad Business Edition and TreePad X Enterprise
The thesaurus will help you search for alternative words similar in meaning to the word you have highlighted. It is useful if you writing a letter or essay and are searching for a better way of expressing your ideas.
To display the Thesaurus window, highlight a word and click Main menu ⁄ Tools ⁄ Thesaurus or press Shift+F7. In this example, the word "feature" was highlighted. The word appears in the Looked Up: field and is highlighted in the word list on the right.
Since many words have different meanings in different contexts, selecting the appropriate context is the next step as it determines which alternative words will be displayed on the word list. Let's say we wish to use "feature" in the context of a geographical feature rather than any other meaning, so we clicked on "form" in the Contexts: window as the closest context group. The (n.) tells us that "form" here is being used as a noun (n.) rather than as a verb (v.). "feature" is still highlighted, but the word list contains different words. Let's select "contour" as being the most appropriate. It now takes the highlight on the word list and is also displayed in the Replace With: window (see below).
To replace "feature" with "contour", click Replace. The window will close and the replacement will be made.
If you wish to explore any other words on the list, click them and then click Lookup. In this example, if we selected "structure", this word would now take the place of "feature" in the Looked Up: window and the contents of the Contents: window and word list would change accordingly.
If you want to return to any of your previous choices, you can select one from all the ones you looked up by clicking the down arrow to the right of the Looked Up: window to display a list of them. Alternatively, you could retrace your steps by clicking Previous.
Once you click Replace or Close, the lookup history is deleted.

  1. If your cursor is in a blank area of the article ("whitespace"),  the thesaurus program will keep scanning to the right until it comes to the next word, which will be looked up. If it does not find a word, nothing will happen. If you highlight more than one word, only the first word will be looked up, i.e., the thesaurus does not look up phrases. If the Tree pane has the focus, the thesaurus will look up the first word of the corresponding article.

Handy hint: You do not have to highlight the word before invoking the thesaurus. Simply position your cursor to the left of the word and press Shift+F7.
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