Forms and templates
TreePad forms combine the structural discipline of templates with the flexibility of a free form database. You can use them to create simple databases, address books, card indexes -- anything where a form of some type is preferable to completely unstructured data.
A note to users of TreePad PLUS and TreePad SAFE
This section was written with users of TreePad Business Edition in mind. The number of commands and templates available in TreePad PLUS (and TreePad SAFE) is more limited, but this should not present a problem provided you understand the principles involved. You should read Forms and templates in TreePad PLUS first before studying the rest of this section. Forms will be available as well in future versions of the Enterprise editions.
Template types
Inserting TreeBook forms
Editing TreeBook forms
Inserting TreeBook templates
Template scope
Creating categories
TreePad structures
Standard article templates
Forms and templates shortcuts
Modifying templates
Exporting forms, templates and structures
Printing forms
Forms and templates in TreePad PLUS
Forms hints and tips
Future improvements
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