Ruler tabs
A ruler tab is created wherever you click the ruler. Click the tab again to delete it.
Note that ruler tabs cannot be dragged along the ruler. They may only be created and deleted.
Left⁄right⁄center⁄decimal tabs can be selected by clicking the square to the left of the ruler repeatedly until it changes to the type of tab you want, before clicking the ruler to create the tab. The units (inches or centimeters) of the ruler tab positions can be set by clicking Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ Units. The illustration below shows part of a ruler with four tabs, (from left to right) left, right, center and decimal. The square to the left of the ruler is set to the decimal tab option.
Once you have set a ruler tab, you cannot change its type by clicking the box at the left. You have to delete it, click the box to change the type, and create a new tab.
To use a ruler tab, set the tab first, press Home to return to the left margin of the article and then press Tab to move the cursor to the ruler tab stop. The normal tab settings are disabled when a ruler tab is active. Press Tab again to move to the next ruler tab stop. The ruler tab will remain visible and active as long as you continue typing and do not move below or above its zone by pressing the Down or Up cursor keys respectively. Pressing Enter will continue its effect on the next line. If it disappears, it will reappear when you move the cursor back to its zone.
When a tab is added to a plain text article in this way, the article is automatically converted to Rich Text.
Examples of text using ruler tabs
(You should make the article ruler visible now and move the article cursor up and down these examples using the Up and Down keys while watching the ruler to see the individual tabs appear in turn.)
         This demonstrates the left ruler tab
         which aligns
         the left margin of each line.        
         This demonstrates
         the right ruler tab which aligns
         the right margins
         This demonstrates the center tab which aligns
         the centres of each line
         not necessarily
         with the centre of the article itself.        
         The decimal tab is intended to align columns of figures
         and comes into effect as soon as a period is
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