Inserting a hyperlink to a new node
(TreePad Business Edition only)
This feature enables you to create a new node (child or sibling) while at the same time inserting a hyperlink to it into the article.
It is possible to have  this function transfer the selected text into the new node as well.
To insert a hyperlink to a new node
The 'Insert hyperlink to new node' dialog, which appears next, gives you the choice of creating a sibling node or a child node.
In case you do not fill in the 'link title' field in this dialog, TreePad assumes that you want the hyperlink text to be the same as the title of the new node.
To have the selected article text transferred into the new node as well, check 'move to new node'. Enabling 'copy to new node' results in a copy of the selected article text to be transferred into the new node (leaving the selected article text intact).
If no text is selected in the article, the article of the new node will be empty; no text is transferred.
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