Miscellaneous options
This category contains the following options:
  1. 'Launch browser when finished': when checked, upon completion of the Website export, TreePad launches your default browser showing the exported Website.
  2. 'Create a numbered file for each article'. Enable this option when you want your Website to be compatible with TreePad 6.x generated Websites regarding links (from outside the generated Website) directly pointing to articles (inside the generated Website).
  3. 'Limit export to': (option unique to TreePad™ Business Edition) if you enable 'checked nodes only' (or 'unchecked nodes only'), only checked (or unchecked) nodes are exported. See also: Node checkboxes
Export directory
Read-only field. The directory to which the most recent Website export was performed.
This is likewise the directory which is initially accessed (in the directory selection dialog) the next time a Website export is performed.
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