Importing document files
Importable documents include files of type Plain Text (.txt), Rich Text (.rtf) and HTML (.htm, .html)1. Any number and combination of them may be imported in one go, transforming the files into child nodes of the current node. Each imported node title has the same name as the corresponding original file.
The option 'show file extensions', if checked, will make the original extension of the importeed document (.txt, .rtf, .html, etc.) part of the node title.
To import one or more document files
Importing documents non-recursively
In the first import screen, select 'Documents'. Clicking 'next' will show the following screen:
Press 'Finish' to start the 'File Open' dialog.
In the file-open dialog, you can select one or more files. To insert multiple files from the currently open folder in one action, after clicking the first file to select it:
Importing documents recursively
In the first import screen, select 'Documents'. Click next, then check 'Recurse directories'. This will enable you to specify the file types of documents to be imported into the tree. Additionally, TreePad Business Edition allows you to specify custom file extensions (the lower right part of the screen):
Custom file extensions
(Feature unique to TreePad Business Edition)
The box 'Custom' allows adding and enabling⁄disabling custom file extensions. Please note that only ASCII (text-based) files should be imported into the tree. Binary files (such as .dll, .exe, .zip) can not be displayed by the article in any meaningful manner, can harm your database, and should never be imported into the tree.

  1. Images shown in imported HTML files need to be inserted separately.
  2. For importing TreePad files into the tree, please see the section Importing a TreePad file.
  3. Another way to import files of the types listed above is simply to drag them from Windows Explorer and drop them on to any node on the TreePad file tree, which will then become their parent node. See Drag-and-drop support. TreePad files will be displayed incorrectly if imported by this method.
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