Indent markers
When the article ruler first appears, its left and right ends look like this:
The square box at the far left containing a L sets the type of ruler tab required.
Next to it are two sliding markers, vertically aligned with each other. The top one, the first line indent marker, has its point facing down. The bottom one, the left indent marker, has its point facing up. This marker also has a small rectangular box attached to its lower edge. At the far right we can see a single marker with its point facing upwards. This is the right indent marker.
The first line indent marker sets the indentation of the first line of the paragraph. The left indent marker sets the left indentation of the rest of the paragraph. The right indent marker sets the right indentation of the paragraph.
You can thus use the left and right indent markers as temporary margin stops.
The markers are moved by dragging them with the mouse cursor. The first line indent marker may be positioned to the left or right of the left indent marker depending on the effect you wish to create.
If you drag the left indent marker by its box, the first line indent marker will move with it. If you drag the left indent marker by its top (pointed) half, the first line indent marker will not move with it.
In this example, the first line is indented to (approximately) 2 cm, the left margin to 1 cm and the right margin to 5 cm. The text has been justified to demonstrate both margins clearly.
In the next example the first line is "outdented" by approximately 0.75 cm and the right margin indented to 4 cm.
You can either set the ruler indents first, then commence typing from the level of the line at which they were set, or type your text first, then highlight it and adjust the markers to suit. You may find the latter method easier.
In either case, the ruler markers always demonstrate the positions of these indents wherever you are in the article. If you click anywhere above where an indent has been set, you will see it move to the extreme left or right depending on its default position.
Note: The positions of the indents do not influence the vertical alignment of centred text, the midpoint of which is always measured from the left and right borders of the Tree pane.

Handy hint: If you are editing a TreePad document prepared by someone else and find yourself stuck with stubborn indented text that can't be corrected by decreasing indentation, backspacing, etc., try turning the Article Ruler on if you normally hide it yourself! You may find the indent markers set in and need to adjust them.
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