Hyperlinks FAQ and troubleshooter
Clicking in whitespace under a hyperlink triggers the link
Q. How can I stop TreePad from activating a hyperlink when I click in the whitespace (empty space) underneath it?
A. This occurs when the hyperlink is at the end of the last line in the article (which obviously applies when it is the only text in the article!). To fix this known issue, go to the end of the last line and press Enter to create a blank line, making this the last line in the article. See Hyperlink hints and tips.
Text entered above hyperlink is blue and underlined
Q. My article commences with a hyperlink. After creating a blank line above it and entering text in that line, the text comes out blue and underlined, yet is not part of the link. How can I prevent this?
A. When you insert a blank line in front of a hyperlink it takes its formatting from the hyperlink. It is not a good idea to commence an article with a hyperlink in case you need to insert text above it later on. If you find yourself in this situation, either insert a space or some text to the left of the hyperlink and press Enter, or use Copy specialPaste special to change the formatting at the beginning of the article to that of the default text by copying this format from elsewhere in the article (or some other article).
If a hyperlink is to be the first or only object in an article it is best to insert three blank lines first, then insert the hyperlink into the second one. In that way there will be a blank line with the default text format above and below. Also this will prevent  the link from becoming the last object in the article, which will make whitespace beneath it part of the link too (see other hint in this article).
Pressing Tab key to indent hyperlink causes leading underline
Q. When I try indenting a line commencing with a hyperlink, the tab space is also underlined (see below). How can I prevent this?
Hyperlinks FAQ and troubleshooter
         Hyperlinks FAQ and troubleshooter
A. Use Increase indentation (Ctrl+M) instead, or commence the line without a hyperlink. See Using tabs to indent text.
Hyperlinks FAQ and troubleshooter
Hyperlinks FAQ and troubleshooter
Previously working hyperlinks now found to be invalid
Q. I've suddenly discovered that a number of previously valid hyperlinks don't seem to work anymore. Why would this happen and how can I fix them?
A. A common cause of this is deleting, then replacing a node that is a target for one or more hyperlinks elsewhere. If you delete a node, then change your mind and restore it by creating a copy of it, what cannot be replaced is the node's original ID, since the replacement node is given a new ID1.
To update the invalid links, use Search ⁄ Tree to find the articles containing the invalid links, Search ⁄ Article to locate them in the article, then change them one at a time. A kludge, but it works. See Modifying hyperlinks

  1. Well, you could click the invalid link to find out what ID it was searching for, and dig around in your TreePad file using a text editor until you found the new node's header, then changed the ID to the old one, but it's a whole lot easier at present to find and update the links to it!
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