Copying and pasting hyperlinks
1. Copy and paste the whole link
To copy and paste the whole link, highlight the link from beginning to end, copy it by pressing Ctrl+C  and paste it by pressing Ctrl+V. This will work for both underlined and plain text hyperlinks. (Caution - do not use Shift+Ctrl+C to copy underlined hyperlinks as these are in Rich Text Format.)
2. Copy and paste the node address as a hyperlink
To copy node address from Tree pane
This copies the address of the currently selected node as a hyperlink.
To paste saved node address into article
This pastes the saved address into the article as an underlined hyperlink.
Note: Using Ctrl+V will not work here since the Windows Clipboard is not used to store the address! It will also not work between concurrent instances of TreePad.
Both methods 1 and 2 offer a quick way to select a node from the tree and place a link to it in your article, bypassing the Insert hyperlink window. Method 1 is quickest if you want to create a single hyperlink. Method 2 requires a little more user effort but allows you to paste the hyperlink as many times as you need. This is useful if you wish to create multiple hyperlinks to the same node, e.g. in different articles.
3. Copy and paste only the link address
Article context menu: Copy special⁄Copy shortcut copies a hyperlink address to the Windows Clipboard.
This is handy for extracting the address from a hyperlink to anything other than an internal node, i.e., an external address such as a file⁄directory, WWW, e-mail, newsgroup, FTP, or user-defined link. This address can then be pasted into the address field of a browser (using Main menu ⁄ Edit ⁄ Paste or by pressing Ctrl+V), or into the Link address field of the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window by clicking the Paste link button (or by selecting the above field and pressing Ctrl+V). Note that this field is disabled if the Link type is NODE, so this feature cannot be applied here.
Thus you can use this function:
1) To change the target of an existing hyperlink to a file or WWW site without affecting the name you chose for it in the Link name field.
2) To extract and paste the link address into another program or text file, bypassing the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window.
4. Copy and paste only the title of the link
Article context menu: Copy special⁄Copy link text copies the link title to the Windows Clipboard.
This saves a lot of typing if you wish to give a node a title that is already the name of an existing hyperlink.
5. Copy a Web page address from a browser and paste as an underlined hyperlink
When auto-paste is enabled in the options screen (category 'article⁄hyperlinks', option 'auto-detect hyperlinks', any hyperlink you paste into the article will automatically be donverted into an underlined (active) hyperlink. If this option is not enabled, you need to click Main menu: Insert⁄Hyperlink and create a new WWW link, pasting in the text. See also Automatic conversion of WWW hyperlinks.
Note that the reverse is already available, i.e., you can extract and paste the text of an underlined hyperlink using the Copy shortcut command as described above.
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