Export to Website: images
Any images contained in the article and tree icons, are exported to Website as well. Internet image types, such as GIF, JPEG and PNG are not converted during export. Windows image types, BMP, EMF, WMF and ICO are converted to internet image types:
If you frequently export to HTML or Website, the best format to store images is PNG, because PNG images are compressed without any loss of information, the compression method for PNG is very efficient, and PNG is an Internet image format, so TreePad does not convert PNG images to another format during export to Website or HTML.
  1. Images are exported to the website subdirectory 'images'.
  2. Node icons are exported to the website subdirectory 'icons'.
  3. See also Storage of images in their native format
  4. See also Image conversion tables
  5. See also The structure of an exported Website
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