Editing text in tables
Here are some more hints and tips about doing this.
As mentioned previously, text (or images) in one or more cells, rows or columns can be individually aligned (left | right | center) by highlighting it then choosing one of the alignment toolbuttons on the Paragraph toolbar (or via the Edit menu or a keyboard shortcut). Centering text and right-justifying dollars and cents can be very effective.
If you choose left or right alignment, the text will be hard up against the wall of the table, as cell padding is not provided. One workaround is to create extra hidden columns to act as margins. E.g.:
  Text hard up against left margin
    Add a dummy column
    Then hide its border
To hide the border, click anywhere in the cell with text, then click the Show left border toolbutton on the Table toolbar to disable it. This will be discussed more fully later. You can drag the Table toolbar off the Toolbars area, making it "float" closer to where you are working. See Toolbars.
You can treat text in tables as you would anywhere else in an article. You can cut, copy and paste it.
You can select (highlight) a whole row or column by
Having highlighted these cells you can apply boldface, italics or color changes to the text or background.
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