Saving a subtree
If you want to save only a subtree, rather than the whole tree, as a separate file, TreePad gives you two ways to do this.
1. Save to the TreePad Clipboard
Use either (Main menu ⁄ Tree ⁄)  or (Tree context menu ⁄) Cut or Copy commands to respectively cut or copy the subtree to the TreePad Clipboard (clipboard.hjt). You can then Paste it back into another TreePad file or even rename clipboard.hjt to [any filename].hjt and use it from there.  (You can also use Copy to copy just the subtree root node if you wish.)
2  Export the subtree to a single TreePad file
See Exporting a subtree to one file.  Use this method if you want a subtree as a standalone file. This method preserves the original subtree, which you can delete later if you wish.
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