Miscellaneous shortcuts
Here you will find keyboard shortcuts not included in tree or article shortcuts.
(Features marked in red pertain to TreePad special editions)
Main menu shortcuts
File menu shortcuts
Ctrl+N: Create a new file
Ctrl+O: Open a file
Ctrl+S: Save currently opened file
Ctrl+P: Print current article
Ctrl+Alt+R: Reopen previously opened file
Ctrl+Alt+M: Minimize TreePad to System Tray
Ctrl+F4: Close file
Edit menu shortcuts
Ctrl+F7: Display article statistics
Search menu
Ctrl+F: Search Tree or Search Article, depending on which pane has the current focus
Shift+F11: Search Tree
Shift+F12: Search Article
Shift+Ctrl+R: Replace text in article
View menu
Ctrl+F5: Toggle Presentation (full screen) mode (Esc also exits)
(TreePad Business Edition only)
Ctrl+F10: View Tree and Article panes (default)
Ctrl+F11: View Tree pane only
Ctrl+F12: View Article pane only
Ctrl+F9: View Accessory pane only (toggle)
Shift+Alt+O: View Options screen
Help menu
F1: Display manual
Accessory pane shortcuts
Icons pane
Ctrl+Alt+I: Toggles display of Icon pane
Insert: Add new icons
Delete: Delete selected icons
Bookmarks pane
Ctrl+Alt+B: Toggles display of Bookmarks pane
Ctrl+0: Jump to Root node
Ctrl+[1-9]: Jump to one of first 9 bookmarks1.
History pane
Ctrl+Alt+O: Toggles display of History pane
Enter: Makes selected node the current node
Search results pane
Ctrl+Alt+U: Toggles display of Search results pane
Enter: Makes selected node the current node
Ctrl+Alt+D: Toggles display of DraftPad
TreePad activation keys (system-wide)2

  1. This works only with number keys in the alphanumeric section of the keyboard, not with the keyboard number pad keys.
  2. See TreePad activation key.
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