Paragraph formatting window
This function allows you to set formatting parameters such as indentation and spacing between individual paragraphs and between individual lines with extreme precision.
To use this feature
  1. Highlight a block of text to be formatted, or in the case of a single line or paragraph, click anywhere within it; then
  2. Click Main menu ⁄ Format ⁄ Paragraph... to open the Paragraph formatting window.
You will notice that the selected text appears in a smaller font in the display pane within the Paragraph formatting window, which enables you to preview the results of changing settings before you apply them.
This window can also be used to change text alignment within the selected paragraph.
Left: The degree of left indentation of the selected paragraph.
Right: The degree of right indentation of the selected paragraph.
First Line: The degree of indentation of the first line of the selected paragraph can be set independently.
Before: The space between the selected paragraph and the previous one.
After: The space between the selected paragraph and the next one.
Linespacing: The space between individual lines in the selected paragraph. You may:
When you are ready to apply the changes, click either Update to apply them and retain the Paragraph formatting window onscreen in case of further changes, or OK to apply the changes and exit.

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