Internet search
(option unique to TreePad™ Business Edition)
The 'advanced search' screen allows for boolean Internet searching.
The selection box in the top part of this dialog allows selection of the following search types1:
You can simultanously search for Web-items2, 3
  1. which contain all of the words specified in the field 'all these words' and
  2. which contain one or more of the words specified in the field 'at least one of the words' and
  3. which contain the exact phrase or sentence in the field 'the exact phrase' and
  4. and which do not contain any of the words in the field 'none of the words'.
Search example4:
When you want to find an image of a map of Mexico in JPEG format:
1. The dictionary and thesaurus search types are not available in advanced search.
2. Empty fields are simply ignored. It is not mandatory to fill in all fields.
3. This type of search is also called 'Boolean search', where (1) and (3) represent the boolean AND function, (2) represents the OR function and (4) the boolean NOT function.
4. This example search is also shown in the screenshot above.
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