Printing an article
To print the currently selected article
To preview the currently selected article before printing
To adjust printer settings
Click Main menu ⁄ File ⁄ Page setup.
With this dialog you can specify the printing⁄preview paper size, printing margins, page orientation and printing units used (centimeters or inches).
Units options
The choice of centimeters or inches in Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ TreePad ⁄ Units will determine the units in Main menu ⁄ File ⁄ Page setup ⁄ Margins. Note that if you decide to change units, you will need to re-enter the settings in the new units.
To force a page break at a particular point in a long article, click Main menu ⁄ Insert ⁄ Page break. See Text dividers.
See Printing options for extra options such as print modes and page numbering.

Handy hint: You can print one or more articles using an external Web browser or RTF viewer⁄editor program such as Word, by printing its node as a subtree. See  Printing a subtree.
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