Checkbox icons
Checkbox icons are yet another method TreePad PLUS offers you for keeping on top of your daily tasks!
Checking (ticking) the Show node checkbox checkbox in the Checkboxes tab of the Node properties window displays a blank checkbox icon next to the node icon. Clicking this checkbox icon does nothing except display a checkmark. Clicking it again unchecks the box.
Checking and unchecking
If the checkbox of the current node is visible, menu⁄tree⁄checked, popup menu tree⁄checked or ctrl+alt+K will toggle the checkmark of the current node. If the checkbox is not visible, the 'checked' menu items are hidden as well.
A more indirect way of checking⁄unchecking a node is to use the Node properties window .
Uses for checkmarks

Hide all checks⁄Show all checks
If the checkbox icon is unticked, the button below the Show checkmark checkbox bears the title Hide all checks. If the selected node is the root node of a subtree which has visible checkbox icons, clicking this button will hide them, saving you the effort of having to open the Node properties window of each child and descendant node yourself. (This is not to be confused with clearing the checks from all checkboxes, which is taken care of by Uncheck subtree - see below.)
If the checkbox icon is ticked, the Hide all checks button changes its caption to Show all checks. This gives you the opportunity to display checkboxes for all other nodes in the subtree as well, whether or not they contain checkmarks.
Since the title of the Show all checks ⁄ Hide all checks button is thus tied to the status of the Show checkmark checkbox, if you wish to show all checkboxes for the subtree but hide its root checkbox, you must first tick the root node's Show node checkbox checkbox, so that the button below will Show all checks.
Note that by just unchecking the subtree root's Show node checkbox checkbox, you hide the checkbox of the root node while those of the child and descendant nodes remain visible, useful when the root node simply describes the purpose of the subtree and so does not require a checkbox itself.  The subtree checkbox icons can be hidden from sight simply by collapsing the subtree.
If you want to hide all checkboxes in the whole tree, open the Root node's Node Properties window and click Hide all checks. Note though that if you click Show all checks in the Root node, every node in the tree will display a checkbox! This is a good reason for confining the use of checkmarks to specific subtrees.
Check subtree and Uncheck subtree buttons
These buttons reset all checkboxes in the subtree to checked or unchecked, so can be useful for setting the initial status of each of a list of tasks before you commence working your way through them.
You need not worry about losing your checkmarks on closing the file, as all visible checkboxes are saved and redisplayed on reopening the file, whether or not they contain checkmarks. However, if you have hidden some checkboxes and forget where they are, you may have to show every checkbox in the tree to find them! If you have checkmarks scattered throughout the whole tree it is best not to hide any of them until the checks are all cleared.
Thus the subtree root node can be seen to behave as a template by having the power to determine the visibility status of checkbox icons in its subtree. This of course is quite independent of the template functions of Treebook templates, which are described in Forms and templates.
Checkbox icons allow you to mark their nodes quickly and easily without having to change the actual node icon, caption or article text.

1. Option unique to TreePad Business Edition.
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