Creating underlined hyperlinks
Note: In the program and manual, inserting a hyperlink means the same as adding or creating a hyperlink. It does not mean pasting in an existing hyperlink, unless explicitly mentioned.
There are a number of methods available to create underlined hyperlinks in TreePad:
Underlined  hyperlink examples
Using the mouse to create links to nodes
Using the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window
Using copy and paste methods
Which method to use?
Special hyperlink functions
         Inserting multiple hyperlinks to files
         Anchors and hyperinks
         Inserting a table of contents
                  Example of table of contents
         Inserting a hyperlink to a new node
         Inserting a hyperlink to a previous node
         Inserting a hyperlink to an external node
         Inserting a hyperlink to an external anchor
         Auto-detecting hyperlinks
         Automatic conversion of WWW hyperlinks
         Links containing Windows commands
                  Windows services: starting and stopping
Hyperlinks and the Accessory Pane
         Inserting a list of search results*
         Inserting a list of bookmarks*
         Inserting the history list*
         Hyperlink to node in accessory pane
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