Editing the node name
To edit the node name (node title, node caption)
Click the node title to select it, then
You can edit the title manually or press Ctrl+V to paste3 in a name you have already copied to the Windows  clipboard. After making editing changes, press Enter, or press Esc while editing to undo the changes and exit the editor.

1. Here is the method in more detail:
Select the node by clicking the node title. Click it again and let the mouse cursor hover over it. After about a second, a small edit box ( the node title editor) with a cursor will appear in the node name. Notice that the mouse cursor changes to a vertical I while in edit mode:
Although you can select the node by clicking either the node icon or the node title, you can only open the node title editor if your second click is on the node title and not the node icon.
2. To open the Node Properties window:
Click the General tab in this window and edit the node title in the Node caption field.
3. For alternative ways to paste in a node title, see Copying and pasting the node name.
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