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This manual was written using TreePad and consists of numerous articles linked in a tree structure. If the tree is fully closed, click the "+" sign in the box icon to the left of the node icon to open up the first branch, then repeat this process to open up further branches. Alternatively, double-click the blue underlined hyperlinks on this page to jump to the main sections.
(Although double-clicking hyperlinks to open them is the default, you may change this to single-clicking later if you wish. See Activating (following) hyperlinks.)
If you want to move up or down the tree using the keyboard, press the Up or Down arrow respectively. This will take you into all subtrees that are currently open.
If you want to jump from one chapter heading to the next, stepping over any expanded subtrees, hold the Alt key down while pressing Up or Down. Use this method to move up or down any tree or subtree at the same level.
TreePad Plus keeps a list of the order in which you view nodes, termed the History List. If you want to backtrack to the previous nodes you viewed, press Alt+Left arrow. To return to the next node visited, press Alt+Right arrow.
Alternatively, you will find two small red arrows, pointing left and right respectively, on the Navigate toolbar.
Their tooltips are titled "Go to previous node in history list" and "Go to next node in history list".
To search for a word or phrase anywhere in the manual, click once in the tree pane (the left hand pane), then press Ctrl+F (the Control or Ctrl key and the F key together) or click the "Search tree " or "Search article" toolbutton.  For further information see Searching and replacing.
You will notice that the nodes in this manual are not alphabetically sorted. Although it is possible to re-sort the manual in this way, we request you not to do this as the articles are meant to be viewed in this order.
See Conventions used in this manual.
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