Setting the default node title
The default title for the new node is "(new node)" though you can set this to anything else via the Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ Node Options ⁄ This text: field. This is worth knowing if you need to create a group of new nodes all with the same special title, but in different parts of the tree. You can reset the title to (new node) or whatever you prefer, when finished.
Instead of a default title, you can automatically number newly created nodes or prefix existing node titles with numbers. See Numbering nodes.
Alternatively, you can stamp node titles with the current date and⁄or time. See Date and time stamping nodes.
Of course, you can add extra text to each node title later (see Editing the node name).
To set the other default node attributes, such as font face, size, color, etc., see Default tree and node format.
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