Color marker
Feature unique to TreePad Business Edition
The Article and node formatting toolbar contains a text highlighting toolbutton named Color marker , enabling you to permanently highlight multiple blocks of text in the color of your choice. Use this feature to highlight important, revised or misspelt text. Here is an example of rainbow text:
Our chairman commentted that all board members should attend on Thursday 17th for a special meting.   
(Note that a custom color was used for spelling errors.)
To create this effect
  1. Click the marker toolbutton to display a color palette.
  2. Click the highlight color of your choice, then click OK to close the palette window. (If you need more colors than the standard palette, click Define Custom Colors and create your own. For more details see Article formatting hints and tips.)
  3. Now, while the Highlight toolbutton stays depressed, all text you highlight will retain this this color as the text highlight color. To disable this, click the toolbutton again to elevate it.
For further information on selecting colors from the palette window see Font and highlight color.

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