Bookmarks hints and tips
To activate a bookmark:
Bookmark hints and tips
The shortcut Ctrl+0 is a built-in bookmark which will take you straight back to the Root node. If you store hyperlinks to other TreePad files in the Root node article, you can use this as a way to move quickly from file to file.
These shortcuts will not work with the number keys in the keyboard number pad.
A bookmark takes its title from that of its target node.  If you rename a bookmark's target node or change its icon, the bookmark's title or icon will be updated as well. If you delete a bookmark's target node, the bookmark will automatically be removed from the Bookmarks pane.
Above each column in the Bookmarks, History and Search Results panes is a button identifying the type of data displayed. In this example taken from the Bookmarks pane you can see three buttons named Name, Shortcut and Path.
The width of each column except the rightmost one can be adjusted by clicking the right margin of its corresponding button (turning the mouse cursor into a bidirectional arrow, as shown below), and dragging it left or right to narrow or widen it. In this example, dragging the right margin of the Shortcut button would increase the width of its column.
If you are working in a diminished TreePad where the Accessory pane is too narrow to display the full node title of an item on a list, let the mouse cursor hover over the desired field for about a second and the full name will appear in a tooltip.
Normal appearance Tooltip displayed
Another way to 'mark' nodes is to insert a unique symbol in their title or article so they will be collected when you do a search on that symbol. See Search tree.
When you add a bookmark to the list, it appears as the last item on the list, i.e. at the bottom. If you want to keep the Bookmarks pane open so that it is always available, yet want to see as much of the Article pane as possible, drag the new bookmark up to the head of the list, then drag the horizontal pane separator downwards so that only the top item in the list is showing. You can always drag it back to the bottom of the list later.
If you need to refer quickly to the Bookmarks pane (say, to recall which keyboard shortcut is needed to take you to a particular bookmark), and wish to keep your hands on the keyboard as much as possible, use the Bookmarks pane keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+B) to open, and again to close, the Bookmarks pane, instead of leaving the keyboard to use the mouse.
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