Other conventions used
Asterisks (*) at the end of node names
This convention has been adopted to identify nodes which are there simply to act as useful cross-references by containing hyperlinks to the main article. For example, the topic Article search and replace could be considered to belong to either the Article pane section or the Searching and replacing section. It was decided to place the topic in the Searching and replacing section, but a dummy topic (containing a hyperlink to the main topic) with the same node title, distinguished only by a terminal asterisk, was added to the Article pane section to accommodate readers who expected to find the topic there instead. The reason for the asterisk is to make it clear without needing to click the node that it does not contain the main topic but only a reference to it! This incidentally demonstrates another powerful feature of TreePad PLUS, namely, that synonymous topics and cross-references are easily accommodated by using hyperlinks.
Cross-reference nodes will also be distinguished by this node icon:
Generic terms for versions of TreePad
In many places in this manual the term TreePad PLUS will be shortened to TreePad for convenience; however, the latter will still be understood to include all members of the TreePad™ PLUS family of programs (TreePad™ PLUS, TreePad™ SAFE and TreePad™ BIZ [TreePad™ Business Edition]), unless a distinction becomes necessary, in which case the program name will be displayed in full.
Other versions of TreePad will be named in full. The generic name TreePad freeware will include TreePad™ Lite and TreePad™ Asia.
A node with a red title in the Tree pane indicates that the feature described is available only in particular editions of TreePad PLUS, e.g., Spelling checker. Its article should contain an appropriate notice in red text explaining in which edition the feature appears. See The TreePad PLUS family.
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