The Icons menu
The Main menu ⁄ Icons submenu is displayed only when the Icons pane is visible (see The Icons pane). To display the icons pane, click on the button 'Icons' at the bottom of the TreePad screen, or menu⁄view⁄icons
To change the icon of the currently displayed node
To change the icon of the currently displayed node and all its children
To add icons to the current set
Open the Icons pane, then
If you happen to have collected or created icon (.ico) or bitmap (.bmp) files which you would like to add to your current set, these files must be 16 x 16 pixels in size.
To search-replace icons in a subtree
Please see Search-replace tree-icons
(option unique to TreePad™ Business Edition)
To remove icons from the current set
To remove one or more icons, select them in the Icons pane by clicking on them (use Shift+click for multiple consecutive images, Ctrl+click for multiple non-consecutive ones), then
You will be asked to confirm your intended deletion.
To export one or more icons to individual files
Opening other icon libraries
Creating new icon libraries
See also
Changing tree node icons
Changing the default node icon
Icon libraries
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