Quick Preview
(option unique to TreePad™ Business Edition)
To get a preview of the TreePad-generated Website, first select node you want to export, then click:
Menu⁄HTML⁄Quick preview⁄Subtree
or click on the HTML toolbar button 'Quick preview of tree in HTML browser'.
When you only want to preview only of the current node in your Webbrowser, but with the tree and article panes, please click:
Menu⁄HTML⁄Quick preview⁄Article
or the HTML toolbar button 'Quick preview of node in HTML browser'.
This will show an article and tree pane, but only for the currently selected node (no descendant nodes are shown). This function is useful when you are in the process of editing the current node and article, and you want to have a fast preview of how this node⁄article would look in the generated Website, but are not interested in the descendant nodes.
To preview the HTML source code of the article, click
Menu⁄HTML⁄Quick preview⁄Article HTML source
or click on the HTML toolbar button 'View article HTML source code'.
Please note that this is the HTML source code of the article after it has been exported to Website. Within the TreePad database, the article is stored as Rich Text or as Plain Text.
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