Search Results pane
The results of a tree search are displayed in the Accessory pane when the search is completed, thus forming the Search Results pane. You can scroll up or down the list of nodes matching the search criteria using the cursor keys or vertical scrollbars. (If TreePad finds nothing, Search Results displays "No items found").
You can increase the relative size of this pane by dragging its top border upwards. Clicking a node on the list will immediately make that the current node. You can show⁄hide the pane by pressing Ctrl+Alt+U  (Search ResUlts), or just close the pane by clicking the Article button (in the Article Button Bar) or pressing Esc.
Results are listed in the order in which they appear in the tree, so moving nodes up or down the tree or sorting the tree will affect the order in which they are displayed.
Sorting search results
You can sort search results on node name, location (article or node), and path by clicking on the corresponding column.
To close the Search Results pane

  1. If you alter a node title in the tree which is also listed in Search Results, then close and reopen the Search Results pane, the original node title will automatically be updated.
  2. If the Search Results pane does not reappear despite clicking its button in the Article Button Bar, it is possibly because the top of the pane has been dragged right down to the level of the Status bar. If this is so, moving the mouse cursor to the top border of the status bar will change it to a handle that you can click and drag back up:

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