Selecting rows and columns
By clicking any cell and then choosing from Select table row or Select table column in the Table menu or the Table toolbar, you can select the whole row or column that includes that cell.
This command is useful if you wish to change the font attributes, colors, etc. of all cells in the row or column, or to clear the contents of the row or column. You cannot use it to copy, move, swap or delete a row or column.
You can also select a whole column, row or block of cells by click-dragging the mouse pointer or by using Shift+cursor keys. See Editing text in tables.
Selecting the entire table
Clicking anywhere in a table and selecting Main menu ⁄ Table ⁄ Select entire table will immediately select the whole table, which can be very convenient if you wish to change the same property for all cells or to hide⁄unhide cell borders for the whole table.
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