Mouse and keyboard notation
Mouse notation
Unless otherwise specified, click means clicking once with the left mouse button. Where there might be ambiguity, the terms left-click, right-click and double-click (using the left mouse button) will be used.
Drag-and-drop means dragging the object with the mouse cursor while keeping the left mouse button depressed, then releasing the left mouse button to "drop" the object. See also Glossary.
Keyboard notation
Keyboard key combinations are shown in boldface, e.g. Backspace means "Press the Backspace key".
The Control key is shortened to Ctrl, e.g., Ctrl+A means "Press the Control key, and while holding it down, press the A key."
The Alt key takes its name from Alternative.
The Shift key is not abbreviated.
Shift+Ctrl+A means "Depress the Shift and Control keys, and while holding them down together, press the A key".
Note that you can choose the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys from either side of the keyboard, according to convenience.
The Escape key will be abbreviated to Esc.
To select a node means to click its icon or title in the Tree pane, or move the Tree pane cursor up or down using the cursor (arrow) keys, until the desired node is highlighted.
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