Windows shortcuts
A short list of some Windows shortcuts that may assist TreePad users.
"Windows" = Windows key
Alt+F4: Close active program
Alt+spacebar: Display program system menu. See Title bar
Alt+Tab: Activate next application window from left to right
Shift+Alt+Tab: Activate next application window from right to left
Windows+Tab: Cycle through taskbar buttons
Ctrl+F4: Close active document window (closes file in TreePad)
Ctrl+Alt+Del: Close program and⁄or reboot
F1: Display Windows help while no application has focus
Windows+F1: Display Windows help even while another application has focus
Windows or Ctrl+Esc: Start menu
Windows+F: Find ⁄ All files
Windows+M: Minimize ⁄ All files
Shift+Windows+M: Restore ⁄ All files
Windows+D: Toggle (Minimize | Restore) ⁄ All files
Windows+R: Run a program
Windows+Break: Display System Properties dialog box
PrintScreen: Copies whole screen to Windows Clipboard
Alt+PrintScreen: Copies active window to Windows Clipboard
Application keys used by Microsoft Office Keyboard
Ctrl+Alt+C: Opens Windows Calculator (CALC.EXE)
Ctrl+Alt+D: Opens Microsoft WorD
Ctrl+Alt+E: Opens Microsoft Excel
Ctrl+Alt+O: Opens Microsoft Outlook
Ctrl+Alt+P: Opens Microsoft PowerPoint
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