Using the mouse to create links to nodes
1. Make sure that the target article (where you will insert the hyperlink) is visible in the Article pane before performing this action.
2. Having located the target node (to which the hyperlink will point), press and hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys, then click it. The mouse cursor will change from an arrow into a pointing hand. Once that happens you can release the  Ctrl and Shift keys if you wish. The article will be prevented from changing to that of the target node.
3.  Move the cursor over to the Article pane and click at the position you want the hyperlink to be inserted. An underlined hyperlink to the node will be inserted into the article.

  1. The pointing hand cursor will temporarily change back to an arrow while it is over  a scrollbar. This allows you to scroll the Tree and Article panes before pasting the hyperlink into place.
  2. You can click and drag any scrollbars while carrying out this action, but if you click again on the Tree pane this will abort the operation. You will know this has happened when the mouse cursor changes back to an arrow.
  3. You can also abort this operation by pressing Esc.
  4. You cannot use this method to insert a hyperlink in the article to its own node. The message "Cannot insert a hyperlink to itself" will appear.
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