Menu notation
Menu selections are shown in boldface and italics to distinguish them from commands and the rest of the text. An instruction such as "Click Main menu ⁄ Tree ⁄ Copy ⁄ Node name" means "Click the word Tree on the Main Main menu (just below the top of TreePad PLUS's main window). When a drop-down menu appears, move down to  Copy, then (following the arrow) over to the right to the next submenu and click the Node name option". Each forward slash ("") stands for the next level down the "menu tree".
If the instruction starts with Main menu this refers to the Main menu bar as described above. The other menus include the Tree context menu (Tree pane context menu), Article context menu (Article pane context menu), the Toolbar menu (toolbar docking area context menu) and the Options menu (brought up by clicking Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options or pressing Shift+Alt+O). The individual panes (Icons, Bookmarks, etc.) that comprise the Accessory pane may have their own context menus too.
To open any of the context menus, right-click on the appropriate area in the TreePad window to bring up the menu.
If the words in the menu appear faint or "greyed-out", it means that this menu option exists but is unavailable (disabled) right now, e.g.:
Vertical slashes or "pipes" ("|") indicate alternatives. E.g. Main menu ⁄ Tree ⁄ Copy ⁄ (Subtree | Node) means that when you get down to the lowest level of the menu, you have a choice of selecting Subtree or Node, depending on your purpose.
For an explanation of keyboard shortcuts and menu access keys see Making it all happen.
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