Editing TreeBook forms
To move between fields
Clicking in a field containing text enables you to position the text cursor exactly where editing is required.
Moving between the Tree pane and a TreeBook form
When the Tree pane has focus, pressing Tab repeatedly changes focus to the topmost (first) form field, then the next one down, and so on, down to the lowest field and then back to the Tree Pane.
When the Tree pane has focus, pressing Shift+Tab changes focus in the reverse direction, i.e. to the lowest field next and so on up to the top and then back to the Tree Pane.
Setting the form field font attributes
The font displayed in form fields is the default article font. Click Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ Article ⁄ Font to change it.
Form field context menu
One of the advantages of using TreeBook forms compared with standard article forms is that text in the TreeBook form background (field captions, etc.) cannot be edited directly, which prevents them from being altered inadvertently. Left-clicking or right-clicking the form background has no effect.
However, right-clicking any field displays a Form field context menu containing the following self-explanatory items:
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Menu access keys function as expected.
Field keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+A highlights all text in the field.
Ctrl+C copies only highlighted text to the Windows Clipboard.
Ctrl+X cuts only highlighted text to the Windows Clipboard.
Ctrl+V pastes the contents of the Windows Clipboard to the selected field, overwriting any highlighted text in that field.
Single line and multiline fields
You will notice that the Address and Remarks fields in the Simple addressbook form are more than one line deep and have horizontal and vertical scrollbars. This is termed a multiline field. The other fields are single line fields.
Single line fields
These are designed to contain data such as names, streets and telephone numbers. If your data extends beyond the left or right margins, use the horizontal cursor keys (Left and Right arrows) to view it.
Multiline fields
These are designed for data which may require multiple lines or paragraphs, limited only by the size of your TreePad file and hard disk! If your data extends beyond the top or bottom margins of the field, use the vertical cursor keys (Up and Down arrows) to view it.
Active fields
Phone, fax, e-mail and Web site fields are "active", meaning that double-clicking these fields calls the appropriate application client program to dial a number, send an e-mail or open a browser window to that URL. See also active hyperlinks.
Current limitations of TreeBook forms
Text font face, size and style cannot be varied from that of the default article text.
Neither hyperlinks nor images can be inserted into fields.
Insert menu commands that apply to articles do not apply to form fields.
The form background color cannot be changed.

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