Modifying templates
Since changes made to any template in TreePad do not apply retroactively to copies already made from it, you should be quite satisfied with the template before you commence using it. While possible, retroactive correction of a TreePad file is difficult and invites the risk of corrupting your data file, so you should make at least one backup before attempting it!
Modifying standard article templates
Modifying standard article forms⁄templates involves no more than routine editing. However, if you stored the template in \templates, you cannot save the modified file there since TreePad does not allow you to save TreePad files in \templates. The solution is to use File ⁄ Save As to save your .hjt template in another folder, e.g., an adjacent one named \my_templates, then open Windows Explorer and copy the new template over the original one.
Modifying TreeBook templates
TreeBook templates currently contain both XML (eXtensible Markup Language) code and Rich Text, the latter acting as a protective cover which can also display a label or any other appropriate text or images.
Currently TreePad does not contain any inbuilt tools for editing or creating XML templates, but these are planned for the Business Edition. See also Forms and templates in TreePad PLUS for advice on creating your own templates.
Again, if saving renamed TreeBook templates, remember to replace spaces with underscores in the filename.
TreePad XML template documentation⁄docs⁄tptfiles.txt
This document describes the structure of TreePad Template files and how to create your own.
TreePad templates page
Further templates will be available at http:⁄⁄⁄templates. Note that the  templates currently on this page are standard article, not XML, templates.
More sample forms
Here are some examples from other TreeBook templates:
Node: Simple addressbook  From the Simple Addressbook (TreePad structure).
Node: Recipe  Your favorite recipes!
Node: Gardening  For the well-organized gardener.
Node: Appointments  Divide your day into flexible 2-hour blocks.
Node: Weekly  Each field is a multiline list.
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