Paragraph borders
What are paragraph borders?
Paragraph borders are lines you can add around a line of text, a paragraph or even an image to frame it, partially or completely, in order to emphasize it.
A full border consists of two vertical and two horizontal lines which create a box (border box) around the line or paragraph. The individual border lines are left border, right border, top border and bottom border.
A partial border consists of 1-3 lines , e.g. a top and bottom border only.
You can make border lines thin or thick, single, dotted or double. You may select a different color for each of the four border lines, or make them all the same color.
In addition to the border lines, you may also set a different background color for the text within the border box.
When you create a border, it can thus be made visible as:
A paragraph border can enclose spaces and periods, but not a new line. Thus you can use it to frame a single line of text or a paragraph, but not a list of single lines (each ending in a hard carriage return). We will use the term paragraph here to include single lines. (For an explanation of hard carriage returns, see Article display options. )
Since images are embedded in text as coded references to the actual image which is stored elsewhere, you can enclose images with or without text in a paragraph border. However, since the width of the border is determined not by the width of the image but by the width of the article,  paragraph borders are not very useful for framing images.
Paragraph borders have several features in common with tables. They both occupy the full text width of the article pane, so shrink or expand laterally as the vertical separator bar between Tree and Article pane is moved to the right or left. For example:
This text is enclosed
by a one-cell table
This paragraph is enclosed by borders on all four sides
Paragraph borders Tables
Choice of border color and thickness Fixed as fine black line1
Choice of background color Always same as article background
Adjustable spacing between text & border Fixed but can add blank lines above & below
Dotted or double borders available Single unbroken line border only
No internal partitions Can contain rows and columns
Can add text first then border Always create table first
Can only hold one line or paragraph Can hold multiple lines
Extends whole width of article Extends whole width of article
Can hold images and hyperlinks Can hold images and hyperlinks
If you are observant, you may be wondering "How was it possible to color the heading cells in the above table?"  Well, it involved creating a border box within the cell. More about that later...
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Paragraph borders within tables
Paragraph borders hints and tips
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