Undo and Redo
In case you make a mistake while editing or wish to review your previous version, you can undo recent changes by pressing Ctrl+Z, menu⁄edit⁄undo or clicking the Undo last edit toolbutton on the Article Edit toolbar: 
This is a very handy command as it will allow you to restore accidentally deleted text. Note that you can perform this command several times in succession to restore not just the last but all previous versions of the article since you opened it, even if you pressed Ctrl+S to save the file3!
To correct your undo, or redo your last edit, you can press Ctrl+Y, menu⁄edit⁄redo, or click the Redo last edit toolbutton  several times until no further changes occur.

  1. You can not undo⁄redo changes you have made in an article, after you move to another article, then move back to the first article.
  2. You can still Undo your changes even if you have just Saved the file.
  3. Currently there is no undo⁄redo for tree operations
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