File, disk and directory catalogs
A TreePad disk (or directory) catalog is a subtree representing all the files and directories on a removable disk or inside a directory. An example of a disk catalog of a CD can be found here: Example CD-Rom catalog. The catalog function does not import any files, just the name, size, date and location of the files.
To insert a catalog into the tree
Click Main menu: Tree⁄Insert⁄Catalog of files
A disk catalog can be useful e.g. in creating a searchable database of all your removable disks (CD's, floppies, ZIP disks, etc.). Having such a database will simplify finding the right disk when you need a certain program or data file. With this function you can also create and manage shortcuts to files and directories on your hard disk.
This option is more extended than that found in many specialized disk-catalog programs which do not possess TreePad's advanced search, organizing, reporting,  print, export, import and HTML generation capabilities.
Moreover, this function has also features which can be found in the disk-reporting tool Disktective: TreePad not only lists the name, size and date of individual files, and the amount of free disk space, but also the total real size of a directory (that is, the size of a directory including all containing subdirectories and files!), and the amount of real space used (taking the disk cluster size into account).
And last but not least, files and directories are represented as hyperlinks, activating the hyperlink will automatically open the file or directory if the corresponding disk or directory exists and is accessible by your system.
You can customize this feature by setting the various Options
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