Inserting (creating) nodes
Adding, creating, inserting a node
Within the commands and menus, the term inserting a node is used in preference to adding or creating a node, though they mean essentially the same. A new node can be inserted almost1 anywhere into the tree structure at a point determined by the user. It does not only have to be appended to the end of a tree or subtree.
Basic commands
Nodes can be inserted as either a child or sibling of an existing node, which is why all TreePad trees include a Root node when they are created. These two articles will cover these functions.
Inserting a child node
Inserting a sibling node
Time-saving insert functions
The Insert special menu
Inserting a catalog of files
See File, disk and directory catalogs
Insert ⁄ Repeat of last insert special
See Forms and templates
Insert special commands
See Forms and templates
See also:
Transferring text to a new node
Inserting a hyperlink to a new node
Note: You cannot make a node a parent or sibling of the Root node.
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