The TreePad PLUS family
TreePad PLUS,⁄treepadplus
is the basic program in this group and contains the features you will need most of all.
TreePad SAFE,⁄treepadsafe
offers all the features of TreePad PLUS together with password file encryption for text data. Encryption for images is not yet supported.
TreePad Business Edition (TreePad BIZ),⁄treepadbiz offers all the features of TreePad PLUS but also:
TreePad Enterprise (single-user),⁄treepadx⁄index_su.html
offers most of the features of TreePad Business Edition (eventually it will have all of the features), in addition to:
support for 384 or 12 Gigabyte databases of text+images, and opens up to 8 databases simultaneously
TreePad Enterprise Server (multi-user),⁄treepadx
All of the features of the single-user version, in additional to multi-user access to databases.
TreePad Lite for Windows, freeware,⁄treepadfreeware
TreePad Lite for Linux, freeware,⁄linux⁄treepadlite
TreePad Viewer, freeware,⁄treepadviewer⁄
exe-eBook Creator, freeware eBook executable compiler for TreePad files,
See the online Feature chart for a full comparison of different versions.
The term "TreePad" will include all members of this group of programs with special distinctions made where necessary. See Generic terms for versions of TreePad.
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