Date and time stamping nodes
You can date and⁄or time stamp each node as it is created, or prefix its existing title with the current date and⁄or time. Date⁄time stamping comes in handy for keeping records of correspondence, conversations or even a simple diary.
The format of the date and time as pasted into node titles and articles is set in Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ TreePad ⁄ Date and time. See Date and time formats.
Adding date⁄time to the default node title
To make the current date and⁄or time the default title (caption) for newly created nodes, click Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ Tree ⁄ Node options, go to "The default caption for newly inserted nodes is:" and select either Date, Time or Date and time.
You can always add text after, or even instead of, the date⁄time as the node title remains open for further editing:
Prefixing a node title with a date⁄time
To add a date and⁄or time prefix to the node title, select the node to be re-titled, then:
To prefix the node title with the current date
To prefix the node title with the current time
To prefix the node title with the current date and time1
To prefix the node title with a calendar date2

  1. The default order of insertion is the date followed by the time. To reverse this, press Shift+Ctrl+T followed by Shift+Ctrl+D.
  2. See Date, time and calendar functions for further details.

Handy hint: To sort your nodes by date, select YYYY-MM-DD and the None option for Weekday:. Then Saturday 2002-05-04 will appear as 2002-05-04.
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