Meeting your requirements
Whatever your reason and degree of familiarity with TreePad, take a moment to consider your own unique requirements.
We aren't born with an instinctive understanding of databases. We go to school and create and manage databases of a kind using pencil and paper. Later we enter the digital world and rediscover that the extent to which these new tools can solve our problems is determined by our awareness of the possibilities and limitations of each.
In the database world there are programs that perform more specific actions than TreePad, making them simpler to define. Spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel tabulate data and process numbers. Relational databases, such as Microsoft Access also display tables of data and use many different indexes to keep them sorted. At the far end of the scale, mathematical and scientific programs deal extremely well with a very narrow spectrum of data, performing billions of computations at a speed no human can equal.
TreePad on the other hand is happiest when managing general information, particularly text and images. Within this scope, TreePad acts, if you will, as a stronger "glue" than our own memories can ever be, binding loosely structured data together and recalling it in ways that may surprise you. TreePad can be both disciplined and flexible, structured yet unstructured, supremely adaptable yet also intuitive. You may use it to store names of contacts, addresses, recipes, etc. You can replicate a corporate structure within it. You can use it as an outliner and word processor to write user manuals (as this file is), novels, and e-books complete with images and Web links. You can save your work as a set of HTML hyperlinked files ("web site") that can be uploaded to your company intranet or the Internet. You can create large structured and indexed record sets cross-linked to other databases with non-structured information.
TreePad is neither a dedicated number cruncher nor a graphics design program, although it can conveniently hyperlink its files to any or all of these programs. The more aware of TreePad's potential you become, the more you can profit from this flexibility, versatility and information managing power.
If you need no more than a "card index" database, TreePad will cheerfully create one for you. If you have not already tried out this program, we hope that, as many other users have done, you will feel comfortable making TreePad a tool you trust and use every day.
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