Exporting images
Exporting a single image
Exporting an image from a TreePad article enables you to make a copy of that image and save it in another folder under the same or a different name, in the same or a different image format.
To export an image
This will open a dialog window titled "Save image (name) as", where (name) is the image file's name and filetype in the TreePad database.
Using TreePad as an image converter
You can choose the format in which to save the image from any of the formats supported, effectively using TreePad as a program to perform image conversions. This means that you can export an image stored in TreePad to any other supported image type, except to an icon (.ico extension). For instance, a PNG image can be exported to a JPEG image, a WMF image to a GIF or BMP.  Icons can be exported to other formats, but not vice versa. If you want to convert a bitmap image to an icon, you will need to use an icon editor for this.
Exporting a subtree containing images
When you export a subtree to one or more HTML or RTF files, or as a set of linked HTML files (called a "Web site"), any images contained in its articles are automatically exported along with the text. See Exporting a subtree to a Web site.
To ensure the best image quality in exported images it may be preferable to use Insert rather than Paste to import them into your article.
For other methods of copying⁄moving images, see Copying or moving text and images.

Handy hints:
  1. Left-clicking an image in an article will also display its internal TreePad image name and extension (thus image format) in the Status Bar in place of the current file.
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