Article button bar
In the The main TreePad window, the Article button bar lies below (default) or above the Accessory pane. It contains a number of tabs which, when clicked, pop up an Accessory pane containing their particular function. The tabs are, from left to right:
You can also hide the Article Button Bar by right-clicking any blank part of the toolbar docking area (see Using toolbars) to bring up the Toolbar menu, then unticking Article Button Bar. You can also do this from  Main menu: View ⁄ Options ⁄ Infobars and ticking or unticking the visibility box associated with the Article Button Bar.
The Article Button Bar is one of several objects in TreePad collectively known as infobars.
Displaying the name of the current node
To confirm to which node the current article belongs, let the mouse cursor hover over the Article button (in the Article Button Bar), and the current node name appears as a tooltip . This is particularly useful when you have scrolled so far up or down a long tree using the Tree pane's vertical scrollbar that the currently selected node is not visible in the Tree pane, or when you have scrolled down a long article so that its heading (if any) is not visible. The Article button (in the Article Button Bar) will remind you to which node the current article belongs.
The name of the current node is also displayed in the Status bar.

  1. The DraftPad is a feature unique to TreePad Business Edition.
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