Linking directly to articles from outside
(option unique to TreePad™ Business Edition)
By default, a TreePad-generated Website always opens the first article, which is the article of the root node (the most fundamental node of the subtree which you have exported).
It is also possible to have the Website load another article when it is first accessed. This can be useful when you want to create a direct link (from outside the generated Website) to a specific article inside the generated Website1.
For this, you need to append the following string to the internet address (URL) of the TreePad-generated Website:
?article=<HTML filename of article>
where <HTML filename of article> is the filename of the article HTML file (inside the folder 'documents' in the generated Website).
The HTML filename of the article consists the node-GUID + '.html' (also see note 2, below).
Please note that this only functions in combination with Dynamic⁄Javascript-enabled Websites!
Let us now take the online TreePad manual as an example. To open the article 'Tree commands' of the online TreePad manual, just copy⁄paste the following address in the URL-bar of your browser:
You will see that the tree is visible, as well as the article 'Tree commands' (and not the article of the root node).
Obtaining the HTML filename (GUID2) of a node⁄article
You can get the HTML file name of an article through this simple procedure:
(1) select the node inside TreePad
(2) open the node properties screen (menu⁄tree⁄node properties)
(3) open the tab 'stamp'
(4) click the button 'copy GUID'
(5) now the GUID2 is placed on the Windows clipboard. All you need to do next is to paste the GUID2 to some location, then append '.html' to it, and you have HTML file name of the article.

1. Linking to another article than the 'root article' is possible only when option 'Enable javascript (dynamic tree)' was active at the moment of generating the Website.
2. A GUID is a long string of letters and numbers uniquely identifying an article⁄node. As long as you do not delete the node⁄article (or perform a tree-copy⁄cut⁄paste with the node) inside TreePad itself, the GUID identifying this article is constant and never changes. This means that the filename of the article HTML file, as part of the generated Website will be constant as well.
You can obtain the GUID of a node⁄article in the node properties screen, tab 'stamp'.
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