Creating underlined hyperlinks using the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window
To create an underlined hyperlink
Position the article cursor where you want the hyperlink to start, then
This will open the Insert hyperlink window.
Using the Insert hyperlink window
First, select the Link type (see Hyperlink targets in Introduction to hyperlinks).
Next, type or paste in the Link address. This is required for every Link type except NODE.
To link to another node in your file, select NODE as the Link type, click Find node... and the Select tree node window will appear where you can click the node you want to become the target of the link.
If you click OK all screens, you will be returned to the article and the name of the link will be the same as that of the target node.
If you click OK, you will be returned to the Insert hyperlink window, where the address of the target node will appear in the Link address field and its name in the Link text field.
Depending on whether the Custom link text box is ticked or unticked, you can edit the link's name before closing the window or accept the node name (default), shown in the disabled link text field. You can select another target node at this stage if you wish.
Note: If you tick, then untick, the Custom link text box, the Link text field will remain disabled (see Figure 4 here), and clicking the box will not re-enable it. If you wish to change the link text at this point, your only option is to click OK to close the Insert hyperlink window, then reopen it when its title will change to Hyperlink properties. See Using the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window.
To link to a file or directory, select FILE⁄DIRECTORY as the link type and click on Find file... or Find directory... to select the appropriate target. Tick the Store relative path box if you wish the Link address to be a relative one (see Relative hyperlinks).
If you select WWW, EMAIL, NEWS, FTP or USER DEFINED as the Link type, paste the appropriate destination address into the Link address field.
To link to a telephone number, select PHONE as the link type and paste the phone number into the Link address field (see Autodial).
(This feature is unique to TreePad Business Edition)
Click OK to accept the final choice, close the window and return to the article.
Go here for more information about changing the link target or link name.
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